31 interesting facts about FRIENDS that will make you laugh out loud

Top 50 Fun Facts About Friends Sitcom You Will Love

Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

April 6, 2020

The American comedy sitcom TV show produced by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. NBC broadcasting this show between 1994 to 2004. Gross fanbase all over the world. Many trivia and interesting things about this show have been published throughout the internet history.

Top 50 Fun Facts About Friends Sitcom You Will Love
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A total of 10 seasons were broadcasting over this period. Many famous celebrities featured in many episodes. The characters featuring in the show had such interesting chemistry that it became the most popular tv show. The show features six friends age range in between 20 to 30.

The most famous show featuring top celebrities like Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Jennifer Aniston made the perfect comedy for a decade. 90s kids may still feel nostalgic over the memories.

The main characters Monica Geller a chef portrayed by Courteney Cox, Ross Geller a paleontologist portrayed by David Schwimmer, Joey Tribbiani portrayed by Matt LeBlanc, Chandler Bing portrayed by Mathew Perry, Phoebe Buffay portrayed by Lisa Kudrow and Rachel Green portrayed by Jennifer Aniston.

Categorise facts per character, episodes, etc.

# FRIENDS celebrated its 25th of Anniversary on 22, Sept 2019, last year.

# The most hated term “friend zone” originated or inspired from this show.

# The entire episode of “The One Where No One’s Ready” was actually filmed in Monica’s apartment.

# Initially, the show was going to feature just four characters, named: Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joel.

# The lines and jokes were evenly distributed to all actors which were decided by the writers who created pie-chart to track down the even pay among all.

# Originally, Monica and Joey were supposed to be the lead couple.

# The couch placed in Central Perk restaurant was actually found in the basement of Warner Bros’ studio.

# Bruce Willis appeared in the Friends for free and donated the amount received to the charity. He lost a bet with Matthew Perry and so he agreed to appear in the show without any fees.

# Friends was not the original name of the show, it was actually called Insomnia Cafe, which was later named Friends like us and then Six of one before becoming Friends.

# All cast members received fees of $22,000 per episode in the first second on Friends TV Show.

# All cast members join together and made producers pay equal pay to each member of the cast, per episode $1,00,000.

# Monica’s apartment changed from number 5 to number 20 when the show’s writers realised that “5” wouldn’t denote an apartment on an upper level floor in a large block. So they matched, Chandler’s also changed from 4 to 19.

# Marta Kauffman and David Crane are co-writers of the show’s theme song, “I’ll Be There for You”. They’re also the creators of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sitcom.

# The character of Chandler was supposed to be supporting one.

# John Perry the father of Matthew Perry appeared as a guest in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in the episode, named, “The One with Rachel’s New Dress”.

# The awkwardness of the character of Chandler was actually inspired by himself because he once told the producers the same.

# Phoebe’s character is innocent among the six leads in FRIENDS.

# Other than Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Griffin who is an actress & a comedian and Jane Lynch who is an actress, voice person, singer, author, also auditioned for the role of Phoebe.

# In one of the episodes, where Phoebe’s dollhouse gets burned, actually there were six copies were made of it, for the filming purpose.

# Ellen DeGeneres revealed in one of the interviews in 2015, that once she turned an offer to play the character of Phoebe Buffay.

# Lisa Kudrow was actually pregnant in real life, and so the storyline of the show changes accordingly. In the new storyline, she was carrying the triplets of her brother. She played the character of a surrogate mother.

The character of Joey Tribiaani is played by Matt LeBlanc. He is the most free-minded and happy characters throughout the development of friends history.

# Hank Azaria, who auditioned for the role of Joey twice. Later, he appeared as the character of David the scientist.

# The fictional character of Dr. Drake of soap opera was played by Joey Tribiaani, which in real life played by actor John Aniston having name Victor Kiriakis on the show Days of Our Lives. He is the father of actress Jennifer Aniston who also played the character Rachel Green in the show.

# In one of the storylines of the episode was changed because in real life his shoulder was busted while filming.

# David Schwimmer was the first to be casted in the show.

# Marcel was played by two monkeys, Monkey, and Katie. Marcel the monkey is actually a female and her name is Katie.

# Courteney Cox was supposed to play the character of Rachel, but then it was changed to Monica.

# Courteney Cox played the character of Monica who is younger than Ross, but, in real life, David Schwimmer is younger than Courteney Cox.

# The character of Gunther didn’t have a name until many episodes.

# Gunther didn’t have a line until the show’s 33rd episode.

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