Facts About Cyclone Nisarga that likely to hit Maharashtra & Gujrat Coastal Areas

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Written by Vishal Bandre

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June 3, 2020

Today, on the 3rd and 4th of June 2020, India will hit with a dangerous tropical cyclone. India Meteorological Department IMT clarified on Tuesday that the Tropical Cyclone Nisarga to hit the coastal parts of Maharashtra. The bad times for Maharashtra state when already hitting with huge Coronavirus cases.

The cyclone is formed due to the low-pressure area in the Arabian sea. First time ever on this platform to cover heartbreaking news. And will cross north Maharashtra and south Gujarat coasts late in the evening on June 3.

Cyclone “NISARGA” is approaching the North Maharashtra coast with a speed of 11 KMPH. It is about 200 km South-SouthWest of Alibag and about 250 km South-SouthWest of Mumbai at 0230 hrs IST of 03.06.2020.

Dated: 03.06.2020, Source: Cyclone Trajectory and Advisory
India Meteorological Department
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Source: Real time snapshot
Source: Cyclone Trajectory and Advisory
India Meteorological Department

Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Uddhav Thackrey has appealed people to “stay indoors”. As the state already in problems due to COVID-19 financial, transportation and other services are in trouble the nature will hit strongly. But, everyone should be ready to handle the situation and remain at homes.

“Depression over east-central Arabian Sea lay near latitude 14.4deg N and longitude 71.2deg E about 300 km west-southwest of Panjim, 550 km south-southwest of Mumbai and 770 km south-southwest of Surat,”

Source: India Meteorological Department (IMD)

Official Twitter of BMC – Bombay Municipal Corporation has shared some does and don’ts during the happening. As the expected situation due to cyclone people are advised to stay at home and stock some groceries or supplies, medicines & other essentials. History is going to repeat itself after 129 years.

Earth has experienced many disasters in its history, some of them harmed humanity to the most. And, this Nisarga is expected to be doing the same. So, people should stay home and stay safe from this as well as from Coronavirus. The year 2020 is going to be a complete disaster.

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Source: twitter/mybmc

Guidelines to follow to keep you and your family safe:

  1. Stay away from windows. Don’t keep open all the windows at the same time. Open some and keep closed some to maintain the air pressure in the house.
  2. Stay at the center of the room. Stay away from corners as debris often accumulates in corners.
  3. Hide under strong furniture such as a stool or heavy table or desk, and hold it tight.
  4. Use hands to protect yourself.
  5. Avoid large roof spaces such as auditoriums and shopping malls.
  6. If you are in an open space, find the right shelter as possible as a room in the nearest pit or pasture.
  7. Important: relocate yourself to a pre-determined or administered location.

You can keep yourself updated on twitter with these hashtags #NisargaCyclone, #CycloneUpdate, #CycloneNisarga.

Source: AccuWeather, Google Maps, NDTV

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