Comforting Words For Staying Motivated In The Times Of Crisis

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Inspiration, Listicle

Comforting Words
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Vishal Bandre


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Life is a journey of ups and downs. Now, it’s the time of intense difficulty and danger. No place is safe. People are quarantined to their own houses. And, this terror is not caused by the nuclear attack or something can be taken down just with a command.

In this time of crisis, it’s exceptionally important to staying positive and trying to live normal everyday life. I know it is hard, but, possible. Medical teams are working 24×7 to protect the rest of the world. Everyone has been doing their job exceptionally well.

Even the general people are helping them by staying home and following the work from home culture. This is a time of real crisis where all resources are being used on the edge. In this time, we should be ready to manage the circumstances that are in our hands.

During the presence of crisis, it is possible to lose the sight of motivation and getting off track. This time the outbreak is extremely high and dangerous, we need to keep calm and stay positive for the thing which is happening and beyond our control.

Here are 10 comforting things we have chosen to make your mood lighten:


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