Chris Evans Wishes Robert Downey Jr A Happy Birthday

Written by Vishal Bandre

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April 5, 2020

Robert Downy Jr. celebrates his 55th birthday on this 4th April. Many top celebrities wish him the best luck on his precious day. His top co-stars like Chris Evans and Marx Ruffalo wished him on Twitter.

Robert Downy Jr. is one of the finest actor in Hollywood. He has the longest history in entertainment history. He has played / starred in so many types of movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Avengers, Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes, and so on. Even his history includes some down times too.

But, what is the most important thing is, he raised himself from the garbage and earned the respect he deserved. Though he has relations with top industry figures in Hollywood like his father’s legacy, he was the one who raised himself from his downtimes.

Chris Evans twitted, “Love you 3000, @RobertDowneyJr”. In one of the best science fiction movies of 2019, Avengers Endgame Chris Evans and Robert Downy Jr co-starred. In the movie character, Iron Man is most loved and praised by the audience from all over the world played by Downy Jr.

Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr
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Chris Evans is one of the topmost actors from Hollywood, he has starred in so many top movies that grossed in billions. He played the character of Caption America in Captain America The Winter Soldier and Avengers series. He is loved by fans all over the world.

Mark Ruffalo (The Incredible Hulk) also wished him on Twitter in the same tone, Love you 3000. Mark Ruffalo (as Hulk) and Robert Downy Jr (Iron Man) co-starred the most successful science fiction movie of all time.

“Happy birthday to one of my absolute favorites! Love you 3000” is the same dialogue from the Avengers Endgame! Iron Man says to his daughter.


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