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Quote #478663
Ya gotta think positive.
Author: Craig Sager
Quote #446767
Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with.
Author: Stevie Wonder
Quote #393618
What’s going on?� Ingrid asked. “Listen, nothing bad today, please.� She pulled a chair out and sat down. Faye stared at her and said the words as quickly as she could. “I’m just going to give it to you straight as I can. Mila is a witch.� I
Author: Taylor Keys
Quote #382065
I’m looking to make a miracle
Author: Dana Reinhardt
Quote #359734
I remember when I was twenty-five,� he said. “No client comes to you when you’re twenty-five. It’s like when you are looking for a doctor. You don’t want the new one that just graduated. You don’t want the very old one, the one shaking, the on
Author: Daniel Amory
Quote #306380
His question is pretty dangerous for me to try to answer, so I don’t—it continues to hang out there like the stained underwear at a slumber party that goes unclaimed.
Author: Jen Naumann
Quote #306379
A pang of deep longing ripples through me. I’m torn between my promise to send Aydan to the Abyss and my need to keep him safe. The opposing forces fragment what remains of my mind, breaking me down once again.
Author: Christine Fonseca
Quote #306378
Every spot his mouth touches closes the empty spaces inside.
Author: Christine Fonseca
Quote #306377
Cass pulls from my embrace, her mind reaching into my heart. Pain, anger, confusion pass through her eyes. My pain. My anger. My confusion. She swallows hard. “Because?”“Because I traded it all, my heart, my memories, everything. For her.
Author: Christine Fonseca
Quote #306376
She slips into the seat at our table, refusing to look up at me. I reach for her hand, sending a shiver through me when our finger tips touch. She glances at me, her eyes filled with a feral fear that reaches into my depths, pulling on emotions I refuse t
Author: Christine Fonseca
Quote #306375
There is no way of stopping death, not here. You can prolong it. But at some point, it is bound to catch up to you.
Author: Nicole Sobon
Quote #306374
Forever. He carved the word into his soul. Kiera was his forever, deformity or no deformity.
Author: Christine Fonseca