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Quote #504729
To some degree we all live with uncertainty. We have no control over the future. Yet we carry on, we persevere, because, I guess, it's the way we're made.
Author: Karen Thompson Walker
Quote #504419
In the future, when Microsoft leaves a security-flaw in their code it won't mean that somebody hacks your computer. It will mean that somebody takes control of your servant robot and it stands in your bedroom doorway sharpening a knife and watching you sl
Author: Daniel H. Wilson
Quote #504312
Only you can control your future.
Author: Dr. Seuss
Quote #504310
Control your own destiny or someone else will.
Author: Jack Welch
Quote #503572
Freedom is control in your own life.
Author: Willie Nelson
Quote #503543
I used to be a freelance journalist, so I had to write fast, but I always found writing nonfiction constraining. I like the freedom of fiction, where I get to invent everything, and tidy, conclusive endings are within my control.
Author: Michelle Gagnon
Quote #503442
To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves.
Author: Virginia Woolf
Quote #503084
The proposal is the only thing that the guy has control over in the entire wedding deal. It is your one chance to make this moment stand out, not only for you, but for her.
Author: Drew Seeley
Quote #502764
A married woman has the same right to control her own body as does an unmarried woman.
Author: Sol Wachtler
Quote #502726
Nicaragua is a World Bank and International Monetary Fund designated 'heavily indebted poor country,' with little legal ability to control its economic future: Everything is for sale. And once Nicaraguans decide to cash in and sell their houses or farms,
Author: Tony D'Souza
Quote #502607
There is no quick fix for illegal immigration. But only when we achieve better control of our borders and better respect for our immigration laws can we give meaning to the discussion we need to have over reforming the numbers, categories, and procedures
Author: Jan C. Ting
Quote #502461
Opponents of legal birth control, including abortion, have tried for decades to play the race card, saying that legal abortion is racist. What they ignore is that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood in 19
Author: Karen DeCrow